Why Black Polaroid?
As a child my first camera was a Black Polaroid Film Camera. Which I still own and use for fun (that's my first love in the image above). The Polaroid Film Camera is where it all began for me and hopefully this same energy and passion will be there to capture your beginning.  

Do you do anything else other than weddings and engagements?
Yes, Portraits for families, expecting mothers, babies, teens and corporate professionals. Our Commercial photography Portfolio is available on request.  

I would like to see more photos than what you have on your site. Can I see entire weddings you've done?
Of course you can! Consultations are the best time and place to show you our collection of weddings and engagements! Just let us know details of your event so we can bring collections to you that would be similar to your wedding style.

Do you edit the pictures?
All of the images that you receive are color/exposure corrected, cropped, and aligned. If you would like any further "manipulations" done to the images (plastic surgery and perhaps a head swap or item/person removal) then the prices vary depending on the narute of editing requested.

Do you make wedding albums?
Yes! We Design them ourselves! Check out our albums here. 

Do I receive the copyright to all of the images?
When you receive your images, you receive a document issuing "usage rights" which allows you to print and use the images for personal purposes only (printing, sharing with family, etc...). However the legal "intellectual property" copyright remains with the photographer, which allows us to publish the images on our blog and use for advertising. If you do not want any of the images that we take of you put on the website, blog, or used for advertising then just let us know and we'll scratch it out :)

Is it just you who comes to the wedding or do you bring someone?
It's always at least one photographer photographing and we always have an amazing assistant! If you request two photographers for your event then count a creatively amazing person into the mix.

How do I set up a consultation with you?
Just fill out our contact form or give us a call at 954.324.1562