Owner of the best thing since the Original Polaroid 

First let's break the ice between you and I, here is a few things about me

I love to dance
I love to DANCE
I love great food and I love to cook
I love to watch the sunrise
I love the sound of laughter
I love listening to music
I am a child of God
I am a good listener 
My full time job is to make people smile
Being a photographer is a beautiful way of being a small part of every ones heart.
It means the world to me, to see and be a part of everlasting memories.

If I could define myself with one word, it would be creative. Every day, photography presents unique opportunities to express yourself. Situations and people are everchanging, never the same gesture or the same look. That's why I love photography.  Ever since I can remember, I have been fascinated by still images. I would spend hours in Gallieries. Many times as a child I would miss the train to school just to watch New York Photographers shoot pretty people in the streets. Growing up in the concrete jungle, it definitely developed my eye for photography. I love the feeling and the happiness that photography can bring. Capturing spontaneous moments is what I live for.
Living Life on a Canvas. 

As a child my first camera was a Black Polaroid Film Camera. Which I still own and use for fun (you can see a picture of it under the FAQ"s). The Polaroid Film Camera is where it all began for me and hopefully this same energy and passion will be there to capture your beginning.  

When I decided to bring Black Polaroid to life, I knew I need a team that will share my passion and be able to deliver. Boy did I stumbled on to some magnetic field of awesome. I have the best team of artists and I wouldn't trade them for the world. 

Also, I design some really awesome wedding albums so go ahead and fill out the contact form and lets meet!